Jan 9, 2018
Dear friends,   Happy New Year!!!  I’m very late in posting my annual end-of-the-year “reflections” post, but better late than never, right?! ;)  I didn't get to post this on December 31st like I usually do or even at the very beginning of this year because I was feeling pretty sick from a terrible feeding tube infection (more on that below)....right after that, I caught a bad virus, and both of those together really took its toll.. :(   2017 was the hardest year health-wise, and I know I said the same thing in 2016’s “reflections” post...but each year [...]
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Jul 14, 2017
Hi friends,   Wow!!  So much has happened, but I will just go right in and try to tell you everything..   The last week of June, I started feeling very off with episodes of nausea and severe head pain (not my "normal") all even hurt to move my eyes. :(  So on Tuesday the 27th, I decided to check my temperature.  It was 100.9 degrees...I thought that was weird and wondered if it was registering correctly.  The next day, my nurse came over for my weekly blood draw and port needle/dressing site change.  She checked my vitals like she always does.  If I [...]
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