Nov 20, 2012

Waiting….Waiting….Waiting.  That’s what I’ve been doing. 😉  Which is why you haven’t read an update in a while.  My neurologist and pain dr. are having a bit of a difficulty connecting.  When my neurologist is free, my pain dr. is not, and vice versa.  But I’m praying today’s the day I hear something..  I have a feeling the receptionists at both clinics are getting kinda tired of me and my mom calling every day. 😉 

2 nights ago, I went to bed quite early cuz I was tired, but I didn’t fall asleep till after 5 in the morning…! 🙁  My headache was soo bad, and I realized that I completely forgot to take my nightly drugs for the CRPS pain so I was probably having withdrawal..  Anyway, let’s just say last night’s sleep was very sweet!  Thanksgiving is 2 days away, and this is what I’m thankful for: good sleep. 🙂  I’m also thankful that the nausea hasn’t been as bad.  The morphine from the ER finally passed through my system, and I’ve been staying away from oxycodone and pain meds like that because they only make me feel worse.  Soo, I’ve been able to eat more, but things still aren’t back to “normal.”  I’ll be sure to let you know when I hear from either doctor!!

I’m excited for Thanksgiving. 🙂  I really do have a lot to be thankful for.  Here’s a little list I made on the top of my head in no particular order:

I’m so grateful for…

1. my doctors, even if things are taking a long time to start moving.  I’m very blessed to have several “Top Doctors” as rated by the Pacific Northwest. 🙂  Here’s a fun fact: my pain doctor, neurologist, spine doctor, and physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor all made the Portland Monthly’s “Best Doctors” issues. 🙂
2. my physical therapist who is a great encourager
3. my iPod when I can’t sleep at night
4. my dear friends who visit me all the time and send me the sweetest facebook messages and emails!
5. my amazing family who has done more than words can say for me.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!
6. my wonderful church family.  I seriously wouldn’t want to be anywhere else!
7. my Savior Jesus Christ who above all understands what I’m going through because He Himself suffered far greater for me
8. ice packs for my head
9. Christmas music.  It makes me happy. 🙂
10. yams and sweet potatoes (inside joke)  Uncle Gary, I’m looking forward to watching you eat some!!  We had a deal! 😉

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