Feb 6, 2014

Hey, friends,

Just a quick update!  Thank you so much for all your steadfast prayers and support as I continue this incredibly long journey..  All of you so encourage me. <3

My big neurology appointment was originally scheduled for next Tuesday, but it got moved up to this morning!  That and having a sleep medicine follow-up as well this afternoon made for a busy day.

Based on my latest clinical symptoms (mainly, new right arm weakness and cognitive issues), my neurologist is wondering if I had a TIA (mini stroke)..  Definitely wasn’t expecting this. 🙁  She already put in an order for a brain MRI and cervical spine MRI which will be my 10th and 11th MRIs….too many!  Again, she’s not positive I had a TIA (but there are some things that point to it), so she wants to be safe rather than sorry.  I’m so thankful that the Lord is in control no matter what!  I couldn’t do any of this without Him!

Dr. G also put in an order for me to have somatosensory evoked potentials done again.  I had this long test done back in January of 2013, but she wants to repeat it to re-evaluate my spinal cord because I have very hyper reflexes which isn’t normal.

My sleep medicine appt. went great!  Dr. H is so sweet and one of the most personable doctors ever. 🙂  He’s also the youngest out of all my doctors—only 18 years older than me! 😉

I just want to close with a quote that one of my friends shared with me last week.  I hope it refreshes you!

“Trained faith is a triumphant gladness in having nothing but God–no rest, no foothold, nothing but Himself–a triumphant gladness, rejoicing in a very fresh emergency that is going to prove Him true.  The Lord Alone–that is trained faith.” ~~ Lilias Trotter
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