Nov 18, 2014

Hi friends,

Some of you on facebook know how I had to go to the ER yet again last week for a lot of issues….I was also admitted overnight in the ED observation unit for IV hydration and pain control.

It’s been crazy rough and hectic as I’ve had to keep going back and force between GI and Surgery to figure out what’s going on—not feeling well and still dealing with intestinal spasms, abdominal pain, and intolerance of j-tube feeds (see previous posts for more info).  Well, I saw my main GI dr. today, and it was a productive appointment. 🙂  He’s so awesome like always.  He ordered a stat CT enterography scan which will be done tomorrow at noon!  Please pray that this will give clear answers or at least help narrow things down..  He agrees that something is going on….I’m a puzzle to him..  I have to drink a lot of contrast for the scan…hopefully it’s not too unpleasant!

I also have extensive urodynamics testing this Thursday which will be another long day.  After that, I don’t have any more doctors appointments, Lord willing, all next week! 🙂  That will be a nice break before December which is filled with a lot of follow-ups.

Thank you for checking in!


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