Mar 19, 2013

Here are some fun pictures that my brother took of my crochet projects. 🙂

my work basket 😉


the project on the right is what I’m currently working on.  that’s a dishcloth that I’m making for my mom 🙂


from left to right: a baby ball, baby cap, baby bootie, and bib (sidenote-I was only able to make one bootie because I ran out of yarn. lol  Let’s just consider that a practice round! 😉

In other news, we found out this week that it’s very likely I qualify for a flight to Cincy!!  Praise God!  Mercy Medical Airlift already collected a processing fee from us.  And right now, they’re looking for a sponsor for me. 🙂  That’s exciting!

Also, guess what?  We tentatively leave for Ohio in 3 1/2 weeks!!! 😀  Soo glad.  I’m not doing too well symptoms-wise, so I’m very thankful that this trip is coming up.

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